Affiliate marketing (as related to Internet marketing) refers to the sharing of revenue between advertisers and publishers. Compensation is based on performance from sales, clicks, registrations or a combination of such.
"CPA" stands for Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action and is a leading form of media buying that provides advertisers with the true value of a consumer. As a payment model, CPA means advertisers pay publishers per lead. The lead is a set action by the advertiser which publishers' users must complete. Such actions range from inputting email address or zip codes to purchasing a product. Payouts for set actions vary accordingly.
The two most common methods of payment used at CpaOffersMedia are either check or Wire. If you would like to change your current method of payment you can do so by editing that information in your account.
CpaOffersMedia has weekly payment options. In order to receive payment, you must have your W8/W9 form submitted to CpaOffersMedia's accounting department. Once your W8/W9 form has been submitted your account will undergo a thorough compliance review. Your account must also exceed the $100 threshold for the week in order to receive check payment and $250 for Wire payment.
You can get the forms straight from the IRS website. The links are as followed... W-8BEN http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw8ben.pdf W-9 http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf
In order to receive payment from CpaOffersMedia you must submit a W8 or W9 to our approvals department. For affiliates located in the United States you will need to submit a W9 form. For international affiliates please submit a W8. Once you have located the proper form, print it out and fill in the information. You can submit the completed form in one of two ways. You can scan it and email it to admin@cpaoffersmedia.com
Publishers can use the CpaOffersMedia Publisher Referral campaign and receive 2% gross referral credit for first 6 months.
CpaOffersMedia allows a variety of traffic sources. The main sources of traffic that we allow are email, search, contextual and on site traffic. Email marketing includes newsletters, email lists and list management. Search traffic includes all paid traffic sources including search engines, content network and media buys. Contextual traffic involves Pay Per View traffic which involves promoting via pop ups or pop unders. On site placement is when affiliates own their own websites and drive traffic to them organically.
Sure! CpaOffersMedia has no problem with international affiliates as long as we can work out a time to get in touch with you for approval.
CpaOffersMedia tries to reach affiliates for approval within 72 hours although weekends or large backlogs can extend that a day or 2.
Yes, of course. If you are sending us quality traffic and the margins are their, we have no problem helping you increase your earning with a pay bump.
CpaOffersMedia allows third party pixel tracking on over 90% of our campaigns. The ability to place pixels will depend on the Advertiser's technical system. To see if advertiser allows third party pixels please check the offer descriptions. There it will say if they allow or not.
Yes for most of our offers statistics are updated in real time, however some are on a sync up delay which is usually no longer than 15 minutes.